In search of life

Lizz Bottrell
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Calm water. Calm spirit. Calm mind.

Calmness is akin to a mystical being in Western civilization.

In all our Fast Food.

Fast Driving.

Fast Nation.

Have we forgotten what calm feels like? Have we forgotten what it’s like to live in the moment? Have we forgotten what if feels like to just, stop?

Stop worrying.

Stop trying to change what we should accept.

Stop relying on materialistic items to maintain some semblance of happiness.

What is happiness, anyways? A feeling? A place and time in our minuscule existence? Does true happiness exist within each and every one of us if we let it, or is it something we search for our entire lives?

And, what are we searching for, really? Me? I can’t really say for sure.

Some days, it’s the one line of soft, cloud-like powder I can spot between the trees in an area of beautiful seclusion.

Other days, it’s the calm water leaving me with an overwhelming feeling of happiness.

Then, there are those days when I just throw caution into the wind and do something silly, just because I can. These days are fragmented; it’s what makes them special. Memorable. It is what makes life worth living.

And, if life isn’t worth living, than why are we living. What’s the point in merely existing when we can live? And I don’t mean graduating-high-school-going-to-university-finding-a-career-getting-married-having-babies-raising-children-growing-old-type living. I’m talking making-colossal-mistakes-taking-chances-travelling-falling-in-love-finding-passion-finding-inspiration-losing-it-all-and-finding-it-again-learning-to-let-go-learning-to-find-a-purpose-type living.

We all exist, but don’t you want to do more than just, exist?

Do something incredible. Do it now. Don’t wait until tomorrow because tomorrow many not be what you expect.

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